High value solutions for industrial capital goods

We have a wide range of pumps to satisfy the different industrial systems and equipment requiring a high degree of safety in their pumping units.

We make pumps for cutting and industrial oil filtering equipment, fluid transfer systems, equipment requiring the pumping of liquids, waters, inks, coolants, among others. The quality of our products recognised for their reliability, our command of automation and technical support have helped our customers to meet and surpass their own expectations.

Industrial capital goods


Arancia PUMPS manufactures and supplies pumps for lubricant and industrial oil filtering equipment

We supply customised pumps

We offer the option of developing customised pumps for different kinds of fluid transfer vessels and tanks. We facilitate tank design, adapting the height or depth of pump submersion.

Arancia PUMPS manufactures and supplies customised high energy efficiency pumps

We use IE3 Premium Efficiency last-generation motors.

The new IE3 motors are characterised by greater efficiency compared to the previous IE1/IE2 motors. Regulation EU640/2009 and supplement 04/2014 address the energy consumption and energy efficiency of induction motors for mains supply in the industrial environment.