Specialist suppliers of cooling solutions in the machining of components for the automotive sector

We do our very best to offer every customer highly personalised solutions; special, unique, ad hoc, these are responses for when a machining cell requires specific flows and pressures for each machining stage.

Certain aluminium alloys are very difficult to machine; that’s why controlling the chippings and guaranteeing correct tool lubrication is a vital factor. We develop cooling solutions for machining crankshafts, camshafts, calipers, disks, drums, rims, gearbox axles, etc.

Cooling pumps for the automotive sector


Arancia PUMPS manufactures and supplies cooling pumps for automotive part machining equipment

Wide range of cooling pumps – In-line -

Our CF in-line pumps, for pumping cooling liquids in installations already fitted with a low-pressure cooling circuit. We develop the exact pressure increase required for every machining process or cell.

Arancia manufactures and supplies cooling pumps for the automotive sector

Automation and integration

We offer advanced automation and handling solutions for the most demanding customers. We have a long background of experience in integrating pumping units to high-production robotic cells.